Cashmere Care Instructions

Caring for your N O M A D Cashmere

Hand washing, dry cleaning and a delicate wool cycle (see below for details) are the options for cleaning your Nomad cashmere garment.

Cashmere Care – Machine Washing – Cashmere Jumpers

Please note that we have tested and washed our Nomad cashmere garments on a wool cycle for years with no damage. But we are not responsible for any damage including shrinking caused by your machine as the temperature regulator of your machine could be faulty or the cycle is too rough or long. Some tips:

  • Washing machine with a hand-wash cycle
  • Place only one garment in the machine at a time, ideally inside out
  • Choose a short 30min (approx.) cycle
  • Wash at 30 degrees or less
  • Do not wash scarves in the washing machine

Cashmere Care – Hand Washing – Jumpers

  • Hand washing is the safest way to clean your Nomad cashmere garment because it is the most controllable method. You do everything yourself.
  • To start clean a basin to ensure there are no harmful chemicals
  • Add a wool cleaning detergent (like Woolite) to some cool water
  • Turn the garment inside out
  • Gently massage the water through the garment
  • Rinse
  • Loosely ball it together and push it against the side of the sink to squeeze out water.
  • Don’t rub the fabric against itself or pull it, because this can cause pilling and stretching
  • Do not use bleach

Cashmere Care – Dry Cleaning

  • Dry cleaning is OK
  • Let the dry cleaner know it is a cashmere garment
  • Ask for a gentle detergent

Cashmere Care – Drying

  • Avoid wringing the garment
  • Lay a large towel on a table
  • Lay the wet garment on the towel
  • Fold the garment into a rectangle shape
  • Roll the towel with the garment inside and sit on the towel to squeeze out the water
  • Never hang cashmere garments to dry, they will stretch and lose shape
  • Dry over night or longer flat

Cashmere Care – Storage

  • Never hang cashmere garments
  • Always fold them when storing
  • When not using for an extended period, place inside a dust bag or sealable garment container to protect it from moths

Cashmere Care – Pilling

  • Pilling will happen for a time on parts of the garment that get wear E.g Seat Belt
  • Our favourite way to remove pilling is to use a garment shaver. We have a Phillips one and it works well
  • Remove pilling from a dry garment only
  • Overtime pilling will reduce as the garment improves with age

Cashmere Care – Scarves

  • Ideally dry clean
  • If washing at home, fill a basin with luke warm water and detergent. Lay the flat scarf in a basin and allow to soak. Moving from one side to another push the fluid out of the scarf. Repeat.
  • Empty the water and repeat above with clean water
  • Pre dry on a flat towel on a table
  • Hang dry

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