Wonderful, Everyday Mongolian Cashmere

Cashmere is finer, stronger, lighter, softer and approximately eight times more insulating than sheep’s wool. Once you start wearing cashmere jumpers, you’ll not want to stop. So what about Nomad cashmere? Well, we don’t like disposable fashion. We don’t like wearing something three times before throwing it away. We like to buy something nice and look after it for years. Fast fashion is contributing to climate change so we are providing an alternative. Secondly, there is an issue where cashmere is bought by large companies as a raw material and exported out of Mongolia. Large companies finish the cashmere into garments elsewhere leaving little revenue in Mongolia. This loss of revenue causes herders to struggle to care for the goats and the grasslands on which they depend. Nomad cashmere is different. Nomad cashmere is Ethical cashmere. The segment of the market we are targeting is stylish comfort. The 100% cashmere jumper that you go for to look and feel good everyday. Check out the Google reviews here.

Nomad cashmere sweaters and scarves are made and finished by a small artisan producer in Mongolia that we have been working with since 2016. Minimalist design in a range of plain colours that you will wear season after season. Our signature round neck style is characterised by a neat neckline slim sleeves and a comfortable fit that hugs the body so you’ll want to wear it all the time. Nomad cashmere scarves are woven which is a step up in quality and durability from a knitted scarf. The whole Nomad range is 100% Mongolian cashmere. New colours being added to the range all the time which are dyed at the fibre stage for greater depth and texture. So, follow us on social media to see the new stuff.

Cashmere Jumpers Ireland

Cashmere Jumpers Made and Finished in Mongolia

Nomad cashmere is Irish designed but it is made and finished in Mongolia which keeps the money with the people that make the amazing material.

We keep retail prices low by selling online and at markets in Ireland. So, you get a nice fitting, quality cashmere jumper or scarf at less than half the price of some high street stores.

Plain round neck 100% Mongolian cashmere jumpers and scarves for men and women in three sizes in a range of everyday wearable colours. Simple, wearable everyday cashmere.

All Nomad Cashmere Jumpers are 100% Mongolian Cashmere

12 Gauge, 2 ply. Light enough to wear all year.

Cashmere Jumpers Ireland

It’s Easy to Forget Where our Clothes Come From

Nomad cashmere is made and finished in Mongolia. This picture is the inside of the yurt (called a Ger) that the herders live in. We want to tell the story of the Nomadic herders that tend the goats all winter on the Mongolian steppe in temperatures as low as -30 degrees C.

It is the harsh Mongolian winters that make Mongolian cashmere so fine. Colder temperatures mean finer hair. This makes great soft cashmere jumpers and scarves. Nomad cashmere comes from the nomadic herders in Mongolia. We set this project up because we think that their lifestyle is amazing and worth celebrating and supporting.

Cashmere Goats

Harsh Mongolian Climate makes Soft Cashmere Jumpers

Cashmere goats adapted to the harsh climate by developing a double fleece: an outer guard layer that protects the undercoat from water, and an undercoat made of ultra-fine hairs with strong insulating properties. The fine cashmere down is combed carefully from the goats underbelly in the spring. The process of taking the cashmere off the goat is time consuming. It takes 5 goats to make enough Mongolian cashmere to make a jumper. This is about a full days work. It is not cruel to comb out the cashmere as the goats need to shed in the spring to handle the warm Mongolian summers, where daytime temperatures can be as high as 25 degrees C.


Mongolian Nomadic Tribe

World’s Largest Nomadic Culture

The Mongolian steppe comprises one of the largest contiguous grassland expanses in the world. Mongolian pastoral herders make up one of the largest remaining nomadic cultures.

The grasslands are not owned, so nomadic herders move with the grazing goats. In this picture you can see the small  white yurts. The life of the Mongolian cashmere herder is peaceful but not easy. So, a fair price for the cashmere they provide is the least we can do. This makes Nomad cashmere reassuringly expensive while still being great value. By selling online we keep overheads to a minimum so majority of the price stays in Mongolia. The cashmere used in all Nomad cashmere is certified by the Mongolian Cashmere Authority.

Ethical Clothing


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